INTERVIEW :: Srdan Koljevic about the cooperation with Srdan Golubovic and Melina Pota Koljevic

The scenario for “The Trap” was written by Melina Pota-Koljevic and Srdjan Koljevic, based on the novel of Nenad Teofilovic. On the idea that the director of the film be Srdan Golubovic, Koljevic says:

“When Melina made a radio drama based on this novel, we had understood that it was a good, strong story for a movie. I had realized that I’m not the director for that type of film, because I like a combination of comedy and serious stuff, and this film is pure serious stuff. We asked ourselves who could do the film and Srdan was the obvious choice, since after the “Absolute Hundred” this story was right on the money for him. When I told him about our idea, he was preparing another film, but he got hooked up by this story and left the ongoing project for which he had already received the money. Everything was done in a good and friendly manner.

The scenario as such that Melina’s job was to deal with emotions and the feminine side of the story, the drama standpoint and structure and dramaturgy wise we managed to fit in. We have worked on this scenario very seriously and for a long time, and I think it’s the only way to do it, despite mostly not having conditions for it. Not counting scripts I have done for myself, this is the most serious work, for we were all aware that it is a borderline, on-the-edge story, very demanding scenario wise. All three of us, Melina, Srdan and myself, did our best in order to put everything in sync.