INTERVIEW :: Srdan Golubovic, after the world premiere of his film "The Trap" in Berlin and on the eve of the premiere on FEST

“The Trap, which is to open the 35th FEST, has recently had its world premiere on the Berlinale on February 12, 2007. Announced as the Serbian version of "Crime and Punishment" and the first Serbian thriller, the Trap on the eve of the festival found itself on the list of best films of the Hollywood Reporter magazine. Before the very screening of the film, director Srdan Golubovic could have seen that his dream of an empty hall in Berlin was only a sign that the very contrary would in fact happen.

The hall of the Delphi cinema was packed and the long applause for the numerous crew which traveled to Berlin for the world premiere did not manage to relax the director: I had tremendously cold feet. This was the world premiere and the first screening of the film. I have invested three years in it. Berlin is a huge stage on which one can see every move and everything is valued. It’s very important to get some good or bad comments on such a large stage, because anything that is said rings off.

From the very beginning I believed the film would be good and that it would be on some big festival, but I think that “The Trap” is not what they expect from us. There is nothing in is sycophantic, or anything that would resemble some Western model; this is a picture they are not expecting from us in every sense – characters wise and visually wise. Those who have seen my first film “Absolute Hundred” can make a difference. What’s fundamental is that, from the very beginning, I believed that I should make my film, without compromise and without thinking of any future festivals.