INTERVIEW: Director Mladomir Purisa Djordjevic about the film “Two”


Mladomir Purisa Djordjevic's film “Two” is competing for the award of the « Europe out of Europe ». In addition to having directed the film, Purisa Djordjevic also adapted the scenario, which helped him rounding up his task: the script for “Two” has been made according to the motives of the stories “The Train” and “The Hotel Room” of Zoran Zivkovic.

“My adaptation has given me the opportunity to, with certain intentionally hired actors, try to make one film out of these two stories. To make a film is not particularly difficult. However, it is difficult when you are doing it in five shooting days, and even better is the fact that the technical and artistic crew did it free of charge hoping that the film would sell and that we would be able to pay off at least part of the percentage we earned. We were fortunate that our film was admitted to FEST, which can be good, because many people will see it, but also bad, because – many people will see it. The competition program is a good idea and it maybe could be expanded to similar program entities. I am confident that we will not get the award. I have defined the film as a desperate endeavor, but the time was right for making a film, especially when you are 82 years old.